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Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Cape Fear Valley Mobile Integrated Services

Emergency Medical Services is just one part of mobilized healthcare, which is why Cape Fear Valley EMS is now Cape Fear Valley Mobile Integrated Healthcare. Overall mobility is the future, and our department has embraced what it offers to patients.

Our list of services includes: Emergency Medical Services, Specialty and Critical Care Transport, Community Paramedicine, Non-Traditional Practice Settings, Urban Search and Rescue, Tactical Medical, State Medical Assistance Teams, Ambulance Strike Teams, Mass Casualty Response, Peer Support Team, EMS Education, and Bicycle Team paramedics.

We utilize a combination of ambulances, quick response vehicles (QRVs), and various other support vehicles to support our mission, which totals approximately 125,000 calls for service a year.

Our vehicle fleet includes 55 ambulances, 20 QRVs, 5 support vehicles, 1 ATV, a mobile command center, bike team trailer, mass casualty response unit, State Medical Assistance Team trailer and a quick-response helicopter for critical patient transfers.

Cape Fear Valley Mobile Integrated Services is so large and diverse that it ranks only behind nursing in size and scope at Cape Fear Valley Health. Our staff includes three administrative personnel, 223 paramedics, six advanced EMTs, 82 EMTs and eight registered nurses.

They are all trained in progressive protocols with expanded scope for specially trained personnel. We also utilize evidence-based medicine to provide up-to-date, innovative medicine that improves the quality of life for our patients.

Our paramedic staff is encouraged to continually advance their careers through hourly pay increases by continuing their personal education. This not only helps them, but also our department and the EMS field globally.

The entire team's hard work over the years has resulted in multiple EMS competition victories on the state, regional and international level. The victories include: The JEMS games, State OEMS regional competitions, the UNC Mayday Competition, the Carolina Competition, and the Paramedic Savers Competition.