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LifeLink Air

LifeLink Helicopter Locations Map

Seconds count when it comes to treating critically ill or injured patients. That's why Cape Fear Valley has two medical helicopters in its Mobile Integrated Healthcare service line.

Our LifeLink Air helicopters can respond directly to an EMS scene pre-designated landing zone, or community hospital to expedite patient transport when time is critical.

Patients who could benefit the most from a medical helicopter include patients suffering from:

  • Multiple trauma injuries
  • Burns
  • STEMI heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Post-cardiac arrest with return of spontaneous blood circulation
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Patients needing advanced airway intubation
  • Patients for which time is critical.

LifeLink Air Flight Times

As a regional healthcare system, Cape Fear Valley is working hard in central and southeastern North Carolina to enhance patient experiences delivering the ill and injured to definitive care safely and quickly.

That's why we have positioned the helicopter ambulances in our region at partner hospitals. LifeLink Air 1 is based at Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg, and LifeLink Air 2 is based at Betsy Johnson Hospital in Dunn.

Our patients can rest easy that the onboard Registered Nurse and Certified Flight Paramedics have extensive experience in treating and caring for patients in the transport environment.

Who Can Request

Scenes: LifeLink Air will respond to launch requests from Local PSAPs (County 911 Centers). Each county can determine who has the responsibility and authority to request a medical helicopter based on local 911 system capabilities. Typically, most public safety agencies, including Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Forestry, and Search and Rescue Teams, have established protocols on the use of a helicopter.

Interfacility: Doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, can request air medical transport for patients in their care for transfer to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center or to other area healthcare facilities.

How To Request

Field providers should contact their local 911 Center requesting the resource.

County 911 Centers: Call (910) 615-5359 or (910) 61-LLFLY.

Hospitals: For interfacility transfer and transport: 1-800-219-5454