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EMS Educational Institution

EMS Educational Institution

Cape Fear Valley Mobile Integrated Healthcare is also credentialed with the NC Office of EMS as an educational institution that can provide continuing education and initial education for all levels of the EMS provider. Cape Fear Valley is a peer review EMS system, which allows the educational institution to tailor education based upon the needs of the agency and the community. This capability provides Cape Fear Valley Mobile Integrated Healthcare the ability to provide high-quality and innovative education to its employees.

Yearly, the Educational Institution provides education for approximately 700 students/employees through didactic and distributive education. This is approximately 40 hours per year, per student/employee. This encompasses continuing education, evidence based medicine, National Registry Refresher classes, PHTLS, and other specialty classes as needed.

The EMS educational institution manages the new hire orientation that is generally 3 weeks in length, but may be tailored based upon the size and makeup of the new hire academy. During this orientation, the new employee receives training in CPR, Patient Care Documentation, Crisis Intervention, Community Paramedicine, Emergency Vehicle Driver, and Advanced Stroke Life Support. Other areas are basic pharmacology, respiratory emergencies and End-Tidal CO2 monitoring, basic and advanced cardiology including 12 leads, pt. assessment, medical emergencies, and equipment familiarization.

The institution has four level 2 Paramedic instructors and numerous level 1 instructors, credentialed through the NC office of EMS. These instructors work in all areas of the Mobile Integrated Healthcare group, thereby can teach all aspects of Mobile Integrated Healthcare. These specialties include EMS, Critical Care, Community Paramedicine, Tactical Medical, Urban Search and Rescue, Ambulance Strike Team, SMAT, and Incident Command.