Clinical Rotations GME

Medical Students/ Nurse Practitioner Students/ Physician Assistant Students

Cape Fear Valley Health System contracts with educational institutions to provide a site for clinical rotations and shadowing experiences.

Purpose: To enhance safe and effective patient care and to provide an educational experience for students.


  • Students/Individuals/Employees requesting shadowing/observational/mentoring experiences involving no hands-on care are required to function under a shadowing contract. They are required to sign a Job Observation Agreement that includes a confidentiality statement. Observational students are assigned to a specific employee to sponsor their experience.
  • Medical students assigned to CFVHS by educational institutions coordinate their clinical experience through the Graduate Medical Education Department.
  • CFV Employees seeking clinical rotations must follow the same guidelines as other students. Employees must contact the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education and provide the following information:
      • Name of enrolled school
      • Dates of the requested clinical rotation(s)
      • Clinical specialty of rotation
      • Name of precepting staff member
      • Contact information for student coordinator at enrolled school
    • Employees must not clock in when doing clinical/shadowing activities.
    • Employees cannot participate in clinical/shadowing activities using their CFVHS employee ID badge. Employees must complete the necessary paperwork provided by the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education to obtain a student badge which should be worn during all clinical education activities.
  • A college, university, technical school, or high school faculty member requesting a clinical experience for the entities' students must contact the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education to discuss the placement request.
    • The CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education will contact the respective department within the health system to determine if the request can be accommodated.
    • If approved, the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education will provide any necessary paperwork and verify the existence of required documentation. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
      • Verification of existing Affiliation Agreement with the school and CHVS which outlines:
        • The responsibilities of the school, including student health requirements.
        • The responsibilities of CFVHS.
        • The responsibilities of the student.
        • Provision for liability insurance by the school or the student with prescribed minimum levels of coverage.
        • A mutual indemnity clause.
        • Infection control requirements
        • Agreement to comply with applicable regulatory requirements including The Joint Commission and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
      • Prior to the start of any clinical rotations the student will be required to complete specific onboarding paperwork will includes completion of required online orientation found on the CFV website. The required online training includes education regarding CFVHS's policies and procedures, including those related to HIPAA.
      • All required documentation/agreements must be in place a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the start of the clinical rotation.
  • During the educational experience, students are required to wear their CFVHS issued student identification badges while on any CFVHS site.
    • Students without a badge may not provide care for patients or have access to patient information or other CFVHS information.
    • At the conclusion of clinical rotations students are required to return their CFVHS badges to the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education. Failure to do so can result in the student being ineligible to return to CFVHS to complete future clinical rotations.
  • Student's clinical rotation schedules will be provided by the respective departments based on the availability of clinical preceptors.
  • Students are prohibited from photocopying any part of a patient's medical record, other patient information, or CFVHS business records.

Note: At this time CFVHS (including CFVHS clinics) is unable to accommodate any new requests for clinical rotations for nurse practitioner and physician assistant students who are not current CFVHS employees or students who are assigned to CFVHS as their core clinical rotation site.

For more information, contact the CFV Department of Graduate Medical Education at