Cape Fear Valley Nursing Philosophy, Mission

The philosophy of the Department of Patient Care Services is consistent with the mission, values, and vision of Cape Fear Valley. Nursing Staff value clinical excellence, professionalism and human diversity.

Philosophy of Nursing

The development of the philosophy of nursing for Cape Fear Valley Health System is in accordance with theorists with whom understanding of the conceptual framework is built. Nursing theorist helped lay the groundwork for establishing current nursing practice. The nursing philosophy of Cape Fear Valley is influenced by several theories of nursing. Nursing is a caring profession involving creative problem solving, listening touch, respect and patient sensitivity. The training and education of nurses via novice to expert theory proves beneficial. Evidenced based nursing is the foundation to achieve proficiency in patient care. A holistic approach to care allows a wide variety of patients at Cape Fear Valley to be viewed as individuals with unique challenges and stressors. The nursing profession is concerned with an individual's self-care and health promotion while considering his or her family environment. Nurse's work together with patients to form common goals influenced by knowledge, needs, expectations and past experiences. Professional nurses are able to provide compassion when dealing with loss and death. Nursing theory enhances the communication efforts of the Nursing Congress, which was established to improve satisfaction and morale through a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

The mission of the Department of Patient Care Services is to provide care for every patient through proficient, compassionate, interdisciplinary and specialized nursing practice by way of evidence-based research and education. Patients are defined as individuals, families, communities or populations that represent uniqueness in race, color, religion, sex, age, ability to pay, national origin and/or disability.

Goal: Achieve proficiency in the delivery of patient care

  1. Nursing is an art and science that render expert service to maximize health-related quality of life.
  2. Maintain competency among nursing care providers.
  3. Facilitate educational opportunities.
  4. Promote patient safety.
  5. Maintain compliance with governing accreditation bodies.
  6. Provide cost effective care.

Goal: Deliver compassionate nursing care

  1. Respect patient's dignity, privacy and confidentiality.
  2. Support the patient to:
    • Realize his/her potential for self-care.
    • Function at an optimal level.
    • Maintain a sense of self-worth and dignity participating in decisions influencing health care.
    • Experience a peaceful death.
  3. Promote customer satisfaction.

Goal: Establish specialized and interdisciplinary nursing practice.

  1. Nursing roles of the nurse may include, clinical manager, direct care provider, communicator, advocator, educator, information manager and research consumer, user and producer.
  2. Sustain a collaborative practice environment.
  3. Encourage patients to be active participants in their healthcare.
  4. Interact with internal and external environment while recognizing and respecting individually, values, cultures and lifestyle of patients.

To successfully sustain this culture, nursing promotes ongoing research and education to enhance nursing care using critical thinking in the theoretical and practice settings. Through research and education, the professional nurse is able to question the status quo, provide evidence-based nursing care, improve customer outcomes and transform the future. Nursing has a responsibility as a change agent within Cape Fear Valley. Collectively, the proficiency, compassion, education and professionalism of the Nursing Staff at Cape Fear Valley Health System transforms healthcare.