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Fayetteville, NC Pacemaker Monitoring Program

Some patients experience abnormally slow or fast heart rates, which require the regulation of a pacemaker or defibrillator permanently implanted below the collarbone. For these patients, Cape Fear Valley Heart & Vascular Center is proud to offer our pacemaker surveillance program -- a monitoring program designed to optimize the performance and functioning of these devices.

Here’s how our Fayetteville, NC pacemaker monitoring program works:

  • Pacemaker & defibrillator patients are given a transmitter that sends EKG data to the heart center three times a year
  • Pacemaker patients come into the clinic once a year for an in-depth pacemaker performance evaluation
  • Defibrillator patients come into the clinic every three months for an in-depth defibrillator performance evaluation

Ensure Optimal Pacemaker Performance with Our Fayetteville, NC Surveillance Program

Cape Fear Valley Heart & Vascular Center’s pacemaker surveillance and cardiac monitoring program is designed to provide Fayetteville-area heart patients with peace of mind and expert care. Our heart doctors will keep a close eye on your cardiac device, ensuring proper functioning to maintain your quality of health.

At Cape Fear Valley Health, we’re proud to provide ongoing pacemaker monitoring to patients from across a six-county region of southeastern North Carolina, including Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, Hope Mills, Raeford, Lumberton, Elizabethtown, Lillington, Dunn, Clinton, and beyond.