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Valley Hospice House

Valley Hospice House

Cape Fear Valley Health's commitment to providing compassionate care to patients extends through the end-of-life experience. Hospice care, like palliative care, is designed to focus on the patient's comfort. Unlike palliative care, hospice care is for people in the last phases of life or those with incurable disease who have decided to no longer aggressively treat the disease. Comfortable pain management with dignity is our priority for your loved one.

Valley Hospice House is a patient care unit with 8 home-like patient suites that provides 24-hour specialized care and monitoring without the bustle and noise found inside a hospital. Included is a Family Hospitality Wing featuring a Family Welcome Room, Family Dining Room and Guest Respite areas so family members can remain close to loved ones. There is also a specialized space for Spiritual & Grief Counseling.

Our skilled interdisciplinary care team is trained to meet patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs through the natural process of dying. We ensure our terminally ill patients are comfortable, reducing their pain and suffering.

Valley Hospice House is its own freestanding building making it easier for families to visit their loved ones with a more private, quiet setting. It's the only such facility in Cumberland County.

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Our hospice care team is led by Lokesh Marigowda, MD, who is specialty-trained in palliative care and Patient Care Manager, Mayra Draughn, MBA, BSN, RN, who is experienced in hospice care.

For patients whose end-of-life care needs cannot be effectively addressed in their home, the Valley Hospice House will offer comfort, compassion and care when it matters most. The eight bed care space will provide residential care around the clock in a warm, inviting and homelike environment that puts patients and their families at ease.

Valley Hospice House
Address: 2431 Legion Road, Fayetteville
Phone: (910) 609-3380
Fax: (910) 615-9610