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Healthy Hearts: Fayetteville, NC Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Have you recently suffered a heart attack or undergone a heart procedure? You may need expert care and rehabilitation to ensure a safe and healthy recovery. At Cape Fear Valley Heart & Vascular Center, our Healthy Hearts cardiac rehabilitation program helps Fayetteville-area heart patients return to healthy, active lifestyles.

We offer a medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation program, where coronary artery disease and angina patients work with some of the Fayetteville, NC area’s most caring and experienced nurses and dietitians. Our staff of cardiac specialists will help you to develop positive lifestyle patterns, ultimately reducing your risk of further cardiac problems and helping you to recover your quality of life.

Rehab for Angina, Coronary Artery Disease & More

Since coronary artery disease involves multiple risk factors, a multi-disciplinary approach is beneficial. The Healthy Hearts cardiac rehabilitation staff is comprised of healthcare professionals with a variety of expertise and specialties -- our staff members include Fayetteville, NC exercise physiologists and nurse educators, as well as a dietitian, psychologist and vocational rehabilitation counselor.

As a part of the Healthy Hearts program, our Fayetteville, NC cardiac rehabilitation staff will help you:

  • Reduce coronary disease risk factors that can be modified through diet & exercise, including cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity & stress
  • Begin a medically prescribed & supervised exercise program

What are the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation? Participating in Cape Fear Valley’s Healthy Hearts program may reduce your risk of further heart problems. And after rehabilitation training, our angina patients are often able to be more active with less angina pain -- meaning a significant improvement in quality of life.

After a Heart Attack, Recover with Help from Fayetteville’s Finest!

At Cape Fear Valley Heart & Vascular Center, we’re proud to assist heart attack sufferers and coronary heart disease patients through a safe, healthy and rewarding recovery process. To learn more about our Fayetteville, NC cardiac rehabilitation program, please call (910) 615-7886 or (910) 615-6578.

Cape Fear Valley Heart & Vascular Center’s Healthy Hearts program provides rehabilitation services for heart patients from across a six-county region of southeastern North Carolina, including Fayetteville, Fort Liberty, Hope Mills, Raeford, Lumberton, Elizabethtown, Lillington, Dunn, Clinton, and beyond.

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