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Suppliers are Valuable Resources for Cape Fear Valley Health

Approximately 40% of the cost of any hospital represents business with 3rd party suppliers. These include Utilities, Services, Information Technologies, Medical Products, Capital Goods and more. Cape Fear Valley Hospital Supply Chain staff is focused on achieving our vision through the development and management of standardized approaches to ensure the that we are providing exceptional health care for all our patients while at the same time being fiscally responsible to ensure long term viability for services to the community.

During this challenging time as the healthcare system is faced with Medicare cuts, Medicaid cuts, and sequestration it is essential that we work with our supply base to achieve significant cost reductions while improving the quality of care. Great ideas, innovation, and competition from our supply base lead to lower costs and better outcomes for our patients.

Cape Fear Valley Health System is committed to developing mutually beneficial and successful relationships with diverse suppliers. Appropriately managing our supplier relationships is an essential part of providing world class care to our patients and our community. It is our desire to enhance and increase our supply base by engaging in mutually beneficial strategic business relationships with local businesses and certified minority and woman-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) at all levels of our Supply Chain.

All suppliers that provide high quality services and products at completive prices will be considered.
Any supplier interested in doing business with Cape Fear Valley should contact Cape Fear Valley Supply Chain at(910) 615-6959or by email

All vendors doing business with Cape Fear Valley Health System are required to read and abide by allrequired vendor policies. Vendors who come on site to any of the Cape Fear Valley Health System Facilities will need to register through ourVendor Resource Center.