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New Cancer Center to bring radiation therapy to Harnett County


Lillington, NC – May 9, 2023 – Cape Fear Valley Health is moving forward with plans to build a comprehensive Cancer Center and Medical Arts Building at Central Harnett Hospital, one of the health system’s latest investments in the area since Harnett Health joined Cape Fear Valley.

The health system has announced plans to build a three-story, 70,000-square-foot Medical Arts Complex on the campus of Central Harnett Hospital, which will be anchored by a new Cancer Center. Tentative plans for the facility also include specialists such as Orthopedics; Ear, Nose, Throat; a surgical clinic, Neurology; Cardiology and Rheumatology.

The new 17,000-square-foot Cancer Center will offer the full spectrum of cancer care, including radiation oncology services. Currently, Central Harnett Hospital in Lillington offers cancer services, including diagnosis and chemotherapy, with nine infusion chairs available. However, it does not currently have the ability to offer radiation therapy, nor is there another option for radiation treatment available within Harnett County.

“Annual cancer patient visits at this facility have grown by 40 percent since 2020,” said Harnett Health President Cory Hess. “In its current location, Harnett’s Cancer Center cannot expand to meet growing patient needs nor improve the quality or breadth of services available.”

Adding radiation therapy to the treatment options in Harnett County will greatly enhance the treatment experience for patients. At least half of all cancer patients receive radiation as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment paradigm, often administered through multiple daily sessions for several weeks. Without a local option, patients in Harnett County currently travel many miles to receive radiation therapy.

Frequent travel is both difficult and expensive for cancer patients, who are often already feeling ill and experiencing a great deal of stress about their health and finances. The new facility, with new technology and the collaboration of a dedicated Radiation Oncologist on staff, will allow cancer patients to receive every necessary treatment in one place – and close to home.

“Improved access to care and improved health outcomes are the ultimate goals for any additions to the Cape Fear Valley Health system,” said Harnett Health Foundation Executive Director Scott Childers. “In North Carolina, demand for cancer treatment is expected to outpace the number of oncologists within the next decade. A comprehensive Cancer Center fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology will ensure our community attracts and retains the top-notch physicians we will need in the future.”

Some of the proposed features of the new Medical Arts Building with the Cancer Center include:

  • Linear accelerator (LINAC) will provide radiation therapy that targets and destroys cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue – the most advanced technology for aggressive cancer treatment.
  • CT scanner will identify early signs of cancer, producing 3D images for a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Infusion Bay will nearly double the number of infusion chairs to 16 and offer views onto a tranquil courtyard garden. This means providing chemotherapy to more patients and making their experience more comfortable and soothing.
  • Private patient rooms and consultation spaces for care teams to comfort and consult with patients and their families.
  • Volunteer office providing a designated space for community members who offer their time and resources to enhance patient cancer.

The Harnett Health Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to fund its comprehensive cancer center and medical arts building on the Central Harnett Hospital campus. For more information on this campaign, contact Scott Childers at schilders@capefearvalley.com or (910) 766-7119.

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