Nurses Week Virtual 5K to raise money for nursing scholarships


FAYETTEVILLE – April 19, 2021 – Cape Fear Valley Health nurses are hosting a virtual 5K from May 1 to May 15. The event is to raise money for the Nursing Education Scholarship for Cape Fear Valley staff who are pursuing a career in nursing or nurses who are advancing their education.

“This is the first year for us to hold a 5K,” said organizer Beth Langley, PhD, RN, who is a Nursing Quality Specialist with Cape Fear Valley. “This will be the biggest fund raiser we’ve ever done in the community. With the pandemic, doing this virtually seemed like a safe place to start. It’s been very affirming to see members of the public get involved.”

Since its inception in 2017, the Nursing Education Scholarship has helped over 24 Cape Fear Valley Health nurses work towards advancing their education. The goal of fundraisers like the Nurses Week 5k is to not only assist current nurses enhance their skills but also to create a permanent source of scholarship funding to continue supporting nurses into the future.

To sign up for the 5K, go to The cost to participate is $25. Participants who register by April 21 will receive a T-shirt, but registration is open through May 15.

Because the event is virtual, participants can walk or run their 5K at any location and can divide their 5K into several days. Langley said she is aware of several participants who have mapped out laps around their workplace, which they will use on their lunch breaks to complete their 5K over multiple days.

“We’ve also been honored by the level of community support we’ve received from our sponsors,” Langley said. “They help make this event happen.”

Among the event’s top sponsors are Castle Uniforms, Boone Trail Fit Body Boot Camp, Victoria Baskett Patient Safety Foundation, and Cumberland Anesthesia.

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