Robert Girouard

Two Hip Replacements AND A Knee Replacement

Robert Girouard, 66, has had two hip replacements and a knee replacement. A retired lieutenant colonel, he began experiencing excruciating pain in his knee several years ago.

“After 24 years of running in Army boots on hard pavement, I had developed degenerative arthritis,” said Robert. “I had surgery to replace my knee joint and a year later developed pain in my right hip.”

The former soldier did not realize it at the time, but he later learned from his surgeon that when he tried to avoid the pain in his knee, he inadvertently put all his weight on his hip. This lead to additional joint replacement surgeries.

Today the avid golfer carries his own bag, often walking all 18 holes.

“I’m completely pain free,” Robert said with a chuckle. “The only medication I take these days is a vitamin.”