Forms of Massage

Therapeutic massage isn't just for marathon runners or professional athletes.
Whether you work at a desk all day, on a construction site, or spend much of your day carrying a toddler on your hip, a therapeutic massage can erase the stress and muscular tensions of the day.

Massage is one of the oldest healthcare practices. Yet it is enjoying tremendous popularity for its physical, mental, and stress-reducing benefits.
Numerous well-designed research studies have demonstrated the benefits of massage for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, inflammation, lymphodema, nausea, muscle spasm, anxiety, depression and even insomnia.

Massage affects the musculosketetal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems of the body, increasing health and well-being and aiding the ability of the body to heal itself.

Many healthy people find that regular massage makes them feel rested, relaxed and ready to take on the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Gift certificates for a therapeutic massage are easy to buy and make thoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones.

There are many types of massage. Our massage therapists will be happy to discuss your personal health goals and recommend the type of massage that will benefit you most.

Swedish Massage the most common form of massage, uses a system of long gliding strokes on the more superficial layers of muscles. it helps improve circulation and range of motion, promote general relaxation and relieve muscle tension.

Deep-Tissue Massage uses slow strokes and direct pressure applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers or elbows. It is applied with greater pressure and to deeper layers of muscle than Swedish massage. It helps release chronic patterns of muscular tension. 

Sports Massage uses techniques that are similar to Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage but are adapted to deal with the effects of athletic performance on the body.

Hot Stone Therapy, uses smooth basalt river rocks, which are heated to a comfortable temperature to massage away stress and muscle tension.
Shiatsu uses finger-pressure that treats special points along acupuncture meridians (the invisible channels of energy in the body). 

Integrative Reflexology is a combination of four applications: zone theory, structural alignment, meridian theory and proprioceptor stimulation. Massage is applied to the points on the hands, feet and ears that correspond or “reflex” to all areas of the body.

Neuromuscular Therapy or Trigger Point Therapy is a form of deep massage often used to reduce pain. It increases blood flow, releases trigger points (intense knots of muscle tension that refer pain to other parts of the body), and releases pressure on nerves caused by soft tissues. 

Pregnancy Massage require special training and technique. Our Massage Therapists are experienced in this modality.

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