Group Exercise

At HealthPlex, we offer a friendly atmosphere with a personalized approach to exercise. Our group exercise classes are taught by nationally certified instructors who excel in motivating and educating. We offer many multi-level classes that will challenge the “fit” member and encourage the “novice” exerciser.

If you are a beginner exerciser or have physical limitations, our instructors can offer modifications of specific exercises to meet your needs.

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BodyPump (60 minutes)
Weight training routine choreographed to music. All major muscle groups are worked, allowing for a total body strength training workout in under an hour.

Core Essentials (30 minutes)
Abdominal and back exercises designed to strengthen your “core” muscles.

Cycling Fundamentals (45 minutes)
Cycling basics (hand positions, class terminology, target training zones, etc.) are taught in this class. Learn cycling fundamentals while going through a motivating workout!

Group Cycling (45 minutes)
Biking over hills and facing other fitness challenges are part of this workout that will improve one’s cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

Hatha Yoga (55 minutes)
Yoga poses improve flexibility, strength and mental focus. Appropriate for people of all fitness levels!

H.E.A.T – High Energy Athletic Training (55 minutes)
This high energy interval/circuit style class works all muscle groups through both cardio and strength training exercises.

Interval Training (55 minutes)
Intervals of hi-lo, step and/or kickboxing moves are inserted with short segments of strength exercises. This class improves both cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Low-Impact Aerobics (55 minutes)
A variety of choreographed, low-impact moves are put to high energy music. Modifications of high-impact moves are taught, making this a fun class for exercisers of all levels.

So You Think You Can Dance (55 minutes)
Burn lots of calories while dancing and having fun! A variety of dance styles are implemented in these classes.

Step (55 minutes)
A variety of step movements are choreographed to music. Modifications are shown, making this a great class for intermediate and advanced participants.

Step Challenge (55 minutes)
Creative and challenging step combinations are integrated with larger patterns around the step. This class is geared towards advanced participants who are comfortable with step workouts.

Stretch & Breathe (45 minutes)
The focus of this class is to relax, stretch and focus mental energy into one’s physical being. This class is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels.

T’ai Chi & Advanced T’ai Chi (55 minutes)
Slow, deliberate movements and posture holding are done to improve both balance and coordination. Advanced classes are for those with a solid foundation of T’ai Chi who desire an added challenge.

Total Body Sculpt (55 minutes)
Strength training exercises are combined with bouts of cardiovascular movements. This challenging class builds strength and pushes the body to work at an optimal level.

Vinyasa Yoga (55 minutes)
This challenging class aims to improve one’s health, performance and mental acuity. Balance, strength, flexibility and power are blended in a format that emphasizes movement through breath.

Zumba (55 minutes)
Zumba is the class that’s taking the world by storm! Dance your way through a complete workout of exciting and unique Latin moves!

Senior Classes

Bone Builders (45 minutes)
Bone Builders is designed for individuals who have osteoporosis or osteopenia, as well as those who are at risk for developing osteoporosis. It involves strength training to help maintain bone density.

Chair Aerobics (45 minutes)
Chair aerobics is a class for those who have limited mobility. Large muscle groups are worked through a variety of movements that are choreographed to music.

Senior Strength (30 minutes)
Free weights, stability balls and resistance bands are used for strength training. All of the body’s major muscle groups are worked to improve both muscular strength and endurance.

Senior Yoga (55 minutes)
Yoga poses are taught to improve flexibility, strength and mental focus. People of all ages are welcome to attend, although there is a focus on the senior population.

Warm Water Therapy Pool

Members must have a written referral from their physician in order to attend classes.

Members are allowed in the warm water therapy pool only during scheduled session times. The warm water therapy pool is closed at all other times.

Arthritis & Advanced Arthritis Classes (55 minutes)
Arthritis classes are for participants who have chronic injuries/conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Back Pain, Joint Replacement, etc. This class addresses strength, coordination, balance, posture and range of motion exercises.