If you’re just getting started with an exercise program, you’ll like our equipment. When you and your exercise physiologist design your exercise program, the information is programmed into your SmartKey.

Once it’s programmed, the SmartKey knows your target heart rate, how fast or how slow your pace should be, and how many minutes you need for each piece of exercise equipment. If you work too fast, your SmartKey automatically slows the equipment to match your programmed pace. And if you’re the type who likes a written record of your progress, we can print out your exercise history each month.

Your SmartKey can also be programmed with information on your strength-training regimen, too. The SmartKey will tell you how much weight to put on the machine, where to set the seat and how may reps and sets to do. The Exercise Physiologist can reprogram your SmartKey as your weight training needs change.

Much of our Strength equipment faces our strength-theater, which includes six different cable channels on 18 television sets.