HealthPlex Swim Lessons: What To Expect

NOTE: HealthPlex is unable to offer swim lessons at this time, as social distancing cannot be maintained before, during and after classes. When social distancing guidelines allow for them – and we are confident that our members, their children and our instructors are safe – we will be ready to resume swim lessons. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience.

In our mission to promote water safety to all, here are the lessons that we offer to you and your family:

Parent & Tot

• Ages 6 months - 36 months 
• Child centered learn to swim program, progressing the skills at the child’s pace 
• Designed to promote parental involvement and supervision 
• Helps the child develop water confidence along with water safety skills 
• Begins to condition the child to feel water on their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, gradually adapting to the sensation of water on their face when they go underwater
• Work on simultaneous/alternating arm and leg movements 
• Introduction to swimming on both stomach and back


• Ages 3-5, with exceptions made on an individual level as skills are mastered 
• Enter and exit the water safely and independently 
• Blow bubbles through mouth and nose 
• Develop a level of comfort with face and head submerged 
• Pick up underwater objects at a submerged level 
• Maintain a front and back float, with or without support 
• Alternating/simultaneous arm and leg action on front and on back 
• Promote lifejacket safety

Level I

• Ages 5 and older, Beginners 
• Enter and exit the water safely and independently 
• Blow bubbles through mouth and nose, while developing proper breathing technique 
• Develop a level of comfort with face and head submerged 
• Maintain front and back floating position 
• Roll over from front-to-back and back-to-front 
• Alternating/simultaneous arm and leg action on front and on back, while developing proper stroke technique 
• Begin elementary backstroke skill set 
• Retrieves submerged object

Level II

Independent swimming: 10-15 yards freestyle, 10-15 yards backstroke
• Intermediate swimmers 
• Enter and exit the water safely and independently 
• Maintain front and back floating position, up to 1 minute 
• Front (face submerged) and back glides while kicking 
• Combined arm and leg action for freestyle for 15+ yards 
• Combined arm and leg action for backstroke for 15+ yards 
• Elementary backstroke 10-15 yards 
• Develops rotary breathing skills 
• Begins breaststroke and butterfly skills 
• Retrieves submerged object

Level III

Swims 25 yards freestyle without breaks, swims 25 yards backstroke without breaks, swims 10-15 yards breaststroke, swims 10-15 yards butterfly 
• Advanced swimmers 
• Swims 50 yards freestyle 
• Swims 50 yards backstroke 
• Swims 25 yards breaststroke without stopping 
• Swims 25 yards butterfly without stopping 
• Utilizes rotary breathing 
• Begins flip turn skill set 
• Treads water 
• Retrieves submerged object up to 5 ft. 

Level IV

Swims 50 yards freestyle and backstroke, swims 25 yards non-stop breaststroke and butterfly
• Advanced II swimmers 
• Swims 100 yards freestyle 
• Swims 100 yards backstroke 
• Swims 50 yards butterfly 
• Swims 50 yards breaststroke 
• Utilizes rotary breathing 
• Treads water 
• Performs flip turns correctly 
• Conditioning to distance swimming 
• Focuses on competition techniques and skill set 


We also offer swim lessons for adults of any age beginning at 16! From beginners to elite, we cater to your individual wants and needs; whether you want to learn the basics of swimming or if you would just like to perfect a few skills. The adult lesson focuses on your goals and requests.

Classes are offered monthly on Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or Saturday.

*For full-time members only

Click here for schedule and costs of group swimming lessons.