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Prostate Seed Implants

When treating prostrate cancer, minimizing long-term side effects is vital. The more precise and concentrated the treatment, the less likely patients are to experience impotence, incontinence or a decline in quality of life. That’s the driver behind Prostate Seed Implant Treatment at the Cancer Center.

Prostate seed implant therapy makes use of tiny radioactive pellets, called seeds, which are permanently implanted into the malignant tissues in the prostate gland. The implants then concentrate radiation to the tumor site, while minimizing exposure to surrounding tissue.
Because it is a minimally invasive approach, seed implant treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, with a shortened recovery time. For men with cancer confined to their prostate gland, this innovative treatment is often more effective than traditional surgery and external beam radiation.

As a patient who undergos prostate seed implants, not only can you anticipate a quicker recovery time, but positive outcomes.

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