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Pediatric Asthma Program

Cape Fear Valley offers a FREE Pediatric Asthma Program that works with families and children throughout the region to educate those dealing with asthma on how to manage the effects of the condition. While there is no cure for asthma, we strive to reduce asthma-related visits to the Emergency Department and admissions to the hospital. We also work to reduce your child’s absences from school and improve his or her quality of life through our program.

Our Pediatric Asthma Program is a hospital- based asthma educational program available to anyone with asthma from birth to age 17. Some of the highlights of Cape Fear Valley’s Pediatric Asthma Program include:

  • One-on-one asthma education for inpatients and outpatients
  • Asthma Literature & Resource Kit
  • Asthma management tools for home and school
  • Communication with your child's physician & school
  • Community events: asthma classes for daycares and school employees

If you are interested in talking with our certified pediatric asthma educators to learn how to better control your child’s asthma, please call the Pediatric Asthma Program of Cape Fear Valley at (910) 615-3185 to make an appointment. The sessions last about one hour. You will receive a packet of information to take home along with a peak flow meter and spacer if your child needs one - all for free!

With this program and your help, your child will learn how to control his or her asthma, so you can prevent asthma-related emergencies in the future. As a result of this education, your child should miss less time at school or daycare, and you won’t have to take as many days off from work.