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Cape Fear Valley Mammography

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray exam of breasts, which shows abnormalities. Physicians can see growths and changes on the x-rays that cannot be felt through a physical exam. Mammograms help catch cancer in its earliest stages leading to better outcomes for patients.

Any woman over the age of 40 should have a mammogram every one to two years. If you have a family history of breast cancer, consult your physician to see if your increased risk means you need to start sooner.

A physician referral is needed for mammograms. To make an appointment, please call:

Bladen County: (910) 862-5102

  • Bladen County Hospital Imaging Department
    501 S. Poplar Street Elizabethtown

Cumberland County: (910) 615-5116

  • Cape Fear Valley Diagnostic Center
    524 Beaumont Road, Fayetteville
    Building with the blue stripe behind CVS

Harnett County: (910) 892-1000 ext. 5000

  • Betsy Johnson Hospital
    714 Tilghman Drive, Suite 714 Dunn

Hoke County: (910) 615-5116

  • Health Pavilion Hoke
    300 Medical Pavilion Drive, Raeford
    at U.S. 401 and Johnson Mill Road

Breast Care Center

Cape Fear Valley's Breast Care Center offers an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to breast care, providing easy access and peace of mind -- fast. If you find a breast lump or experience breast illness, you can expect to see a doctor within two days and appropriate imaging, diagnostic testing and a treatment plan (if needed) in just one to two weeks.

The best part? The Breast Care Center accepts patients by physician. It's made possible by our team approach to holistic breast health and our dedicated Breast Care Patient Navigators, who work with patients every step of the way.

Our interdisciplinary team includes radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, the breast care coordinator, and the patient's primary care physician, all committed to patient-centered care and breast conservation.

If needed, minimally-invasive biopsies are performed within days and patients have access to the latest procedures: fine needle aspiration (FNA), core needle, stereotactic, ultrasound-guided and surgical breast biopsies.

Patients also have access to outpatient breast surgery, clinical trials, genetic counseling, dietary recommendations, physical therapy and support groups.

To learn more about the Cape Fear Valley Breast Care Center, call (910) 615-6944.