Residency Program

Transitional Year Home

Class of 2020

Cape Fear Valley's Transitional Year Residency serves as the link between predoctoral and postdoctoral clinical training and provides a year of maturation and transition from application of predoctoral knowledge to clinical decision making and skills. The Transitional Year Residency is structured with a broad range of supervised inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences. Each resident will be exposed to a wide variety of patients throughout their training. The program offers flexibility in design to allow for individual resident needs to be considered within the basic framework of the required services.

Residents are assigned rotations in general internal medicine, general surgery, family medicine/ambulatory medicine, and emergency medicine. Residents are also provided with elective rotations which may include PMR, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonary, infectious diseases, radiology, GI, ophthalmology, ENT, psychiatry or a surgical sub-specialty. Residents primarily participate in didactic sessions with internal medicine residents; however, they are welcome to join in on didactic sessions conducted by the other residency programs offered at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.