Team Building

Team Building

Quarterly Social Events

Residents have the opportunity to work together and design/plan the quarterly residency social events. The purpose of these events is to encourage and enhance relationship development between the residents and the preceptors outside of the work environment. The residency social events have been a great way to get to know each other and serve as a time to de-stress and have fun. We have enjoyed events such as cooking classes, game nights, bowling nights, escape rooms, gift exchanges, cookie exchanges, Minute-To-Win-It games, etc. The opportunities are endless, and the evenings are always filled with laughter and fun.

Ropes Course

During the first month of orientation, the pharmacy residents spend a day at Camp Rockfish in Parkton, N.C. The day serves to unite the incoming residents as they work together as a team in order to solve puzzles and complete various obstacle courses. The goal of this exercise is to introduce the incoming residents and build a foundation of trust, camaraderie, and friendship that will continue to grow throughout the residency year. The pharmacy residency budget is responsible for covering the expenses related to this event.

Coffee Rounds

Coffee rounds are an opportunity for the residents to interact and build relationships with various preceptors within the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center residency program. Each quarter, the residents and one or two preceptors will meet to review a topic of interest with the residents. These topics can range from the non-pharmacy (e.g., personal finance, stress management) to pharmacy related (e.g., added pharmacy qualifications, advancing the pharmacy profession) based on the residents’ interests. These meetings serve as an opportunity for residents to work with various preceptors and faculty in which the resident can build a team of advisors to assist them throughout the residency year and beyond.