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Physical Rehabilitation Services

About Our Programs

Cape Fear Valley Rehabilitation Center

The largest rehabilitation center in the region, we have been providing rehabilitation services to residents of southeastern North Carolina since 1976. We provide comprehensive adult and pediatric programs specializing in treatment for amputations, brain injuries, neurological disabilities, orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries and stroke. Our programs are designed by certified and licensed staff members and board-certified physicians to improve your self-confidence and independence.

The Brain Injury Program

Thousands of people receive significant brain injuries every year. Due to remarkable advances in emergency medical care, most of these people survive. However, a sudden injury to a family member or friend can be a very frightening and overwhelming experience.

The Brain Injury Program serves individuals who have problems with self-care skills, mobility, speech, thinking skills, memory, leisure skills, disability adjustment and community resource location.

The Orthopedic Program

The Orthopedic Program serves individuals with total joint replacements and multiple fractures.

The goal of our orthopedic team is to assist patients in returning to their previous functional abilities and independence. These goals are accomplished by relieving acute pain; restoring movement and range of motion; strengthening affected muscles; teaching activities of daily living, community reintegration skills, and protective and preventive care; helping you adjust to disability; and providing adaptive devices.

The Spinal Cord Injury Program

Each year, thousands of people sustain an injury to their spinal cord severe enough to cause total or partial paralysis. In addition, thousands more have tumors or diseases affecting the spinal cord or nervous system that result in paralysis. The Spinal cord Injury Program serves individuals who have had a spinal cord injury or related disorder - such as Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome or multiple fractures - who have problems with the following: self-care skills, mobility, living skills, skin care, locating and using community services, bowel and bladder management, respiratory problems, coordination, adjustment to their injury and sexual functioning.

The Stroke Program

Stroke is an interruption of the blood flow to the brain. It is often a serious, disabling disease. Approximately one-half million Americans suffer a stroke every year, and rehabilitation plays a key role in the adjustment and recovery process.

The Stroke Program serves individuals who have suffered a cerebral vascular accident (stroke) and have problems with self-care skills, mobility, speech, thinking skills, memory, leisure skills, sexual functioning, adjustment to injury and locating community resources.