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Inpatient Pediatric/Adolescent Rehabilitation

Our focus is on wellness, ability, and what your child can do. We will inspire your child to do everything he or she possibly can do for himself or herself, giving your child the guidance and assistance he or she needs for success. You are an important member of the team, and we encourage you to be involved in every aspect of your child’s care.

Most children do not require intensive inpatient rehabilitation. Rather they receive intensive rehabilitation services on an outpatient basis. Therefore at Cape Fear Valley Rehabilitation Center, pediatric patients make up only a small percentage of our admissions. As your child’s therapy begins, you will receive a schedule for you and your child based on the goals you and the team set. It is important to remain on schedules so your child will get the maximum benefit from his or her stay. Most patients receive therapy between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., with rest breaks in between. Your child will have a full day and will need a good night’s rest and quiet time to handle the daily schedule. We ask that you encourage an early-to-bed routine to handle the early mornings.

Pediatric consultants and programs, including the pediatric play therapy room on the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Children's Unit, are available for consultation and treatment. The Pediatric Therapy team evaluates children under the age of 13. The Rehabilitation or Pediatric Therapists or a combination, based on the needs of the child, may carry out the treatment plan.

Pediatric/Adolescent Patient Outcomes
2014 - 2016
Average Age 14
Male 5
Female 7
Average Length of Stay 14.8
Discharged to the Community 10
Discharged to Acute Care 2
Discharged to Long-Term Care 0
Discharged to Another Rehab 0
Number of Patients Expired 0