Rotation Manager - School Task Guide


Checklist and Student Packet

Checklist - Onboarding Requirements - updated 3/21. Utilize this checklist to ensure all requirements have been completed.

Clinical Student/Intern Packet for HR_Fillable - required packet for ALL students/faculty.


Computer Training

Epic Training for Students and Faculty (updated 03/2021)

Pyxis Instructions



Clinical Student/Intern -Fillable (Roster Only)

Criminal Background and Drug Test Requirements

Online Module Requirements Instruction - updated 8/17/2020

Student CFV ID Badge Requirements - updated 06/2021


Cape Fear Valley Policies

All students are held to the same standards as CFV employees. The school will maintain proof of completion for the following items for each student/faculty and provide documentation to HR upon request.



COVID-19 - PPE Chart (updated 08/11/2021)

COVID-19 Videos - Masks (last updated 8/30/2020)