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Clear imaging is vital to effectively treating cancer. The more detail physicians can see of the body’s interior, the more they can accurately locate, diagnose and eradicate cancer. A PET-CT scanner is an advanced imaging tool that produces just such vivid pictures, allowing physicians to spot problems that might otherwise go undetected and untreated.

By combining Positron Emission Tomography (PET), which monitors how cells process certain compounds, with Computed Tomography (CT) - a process that produces a detailed scan of the anatomy by taking cross-section images of the body and stacking them together - the Cancer Center’s new Siemens biographâ„¢ PET-CT scanner provides oncologists with a sharp, three-dimensional representation of the body and all its interior parts. The startling clarity of these images allow physicians to see what problems exist - and locate them exactly.

That means the Cape Fear Valley Cancer Center has the technology needed to detect cancer in its earliest stages, accurately diagnose its progression and plan treatments to destroy tumors while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Our nurses maintain national certification in oncology nursing and have received special training to give them a deeper understanding of the unique healthcare needs of each cancer patient. Putting our patients’ care and comfort first is what we are all about.

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