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Cape Fear Valley Health’s Lung Nodule Clinic is located in the Cape Fear Valley Cancer and Cyberknife Center. The clinic is staffed with Pulmonologists, a Respiratory Therapist and a Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator will coordinate your care.

Appropriate interventions will be determined by an interdisciplinary team, which consists of pulmonologists, radiologists, surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

Benefits of the Lung Nodule Clinic include:

  • Quick access to initial appointment to minimize the anxiety of waiting
  • On-site CT
  • Continuity of care by the same team of doctors
  • Coordination of specialty care
  • Ongoing communication with your primary care provider
  • Services of the Nurse Navigator free of charge

Cape Fear Valley offers you the services of a Nurse Navigator at no charge to you. The Nurse Navigator serves as a convenient, single point of contact between the Lung Nodule Clinic team and you and your family. The Nurse Navigator can explain unfamiliar concepts, guide you and your family through the treatment process and help you access the many resources available.

To learn more about the Cape Fear Valley Lung Nodule Clinic, call (910) 615-5561.

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