Physical Rehabilitation Services

Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation

Our outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Services specialize in treating infants, children and adolescents who have developmental and/or physical disabilities, including birth defects, disabling illness or traumatic injury.

Your child’s injury or illness affects what he or she does every day from eating and dressing to attending school to playing with friends. Our dedicated pediatric healthcare team incorporates a family-centered approach by recognizing the central role of the family in the child’s life. The therapy will maximize your child’s ability to play and learn in the world around him or her. You are an important member of the rehabilitation team, and we encourage you to be involved in every aspect of your child’s treatment program.

Our comprehensive outpatient services include the following specialties. However, some services may not be involved in your child’s particular care needs.

Physical Therapy focuses on you child’s basic movement, balance and coordination skills. Our Physical Therapists design individual programs through play to reduce the risk of injury, impairment, functional limitations and/or disabilities in children.

Occupational Therapy focuses on a child’s success in doing daily jobs at home and in other environments: eating, dressing, cutting, drawing, and playing. These programs improve a child’s muscle movements, sensory experience and problem-solving skills.

Speech-Language Therapy helps children who have speech-language delays, articulation difficulty, hearing loss, voice disorders and feeding/swallowing difficulties.

Audiology assesses your child’s hearing levels. The Audiologist will suggest ways to improve hearing so that your child learns and interacts better. The audiologist will also fit your child with a hearing aid if necessary.

Aquatic therapy is a modality used for improving function by utilizing the properties of water. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

You must get a referral from your child’s physician prior to making an appointment, Please be sure to bring your physician’s written order for outpatient rehabilitation therapy along with your insurance information when you come for your appointment Please bring a photo ID, list of medications and allergies.

Outpatient appointments can be made by calling outpatient registration at (910) 615-4991, Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm.