Physical Rehabilitation Services

HealthPlex Rehabilitation Services

The physical and occupational therapy departments at the HealthPlex provide therapy services within the HealthPlex fitness facility.  Because of this close association with the fitness facility, we offer a place for our members to receive therapy that is ‘close to home’.  We can also assist our patients with transitioning into a fitness program following completion of therapy. 

Our clinic sees a high volume of patients with chronic pain including fibromyalgia, and can effectively help these patients.  We are able to offer patients therapy in our warm water pool when their conditions prevent pain free therapy in a land-based setting.  Our clinic boasts a Certified Hand Specialist who is able to manage patients with shoulder, wrist and hand problems. 

We are located on Skibo Road with easy access from the mall area and Raeford. 

Specializing in the management of:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Preoperative and post-operative knee replacements
  • Preoperative and post-operative hip replacements
  • Post-operative shoulder surgery
  • Hand Injuries
  • Functional retraining following hand surgery
  • Complex sports injuries
  • Dysfunctional correction prior to “Transitional Fitness Management”

At HealthPlex, therapists can competently and effectively treat clients from the following groups:

  • Final stage of rehabilitation following a stroke
  • Reconditioning for work reintegration
  • Postural correction and ergonomic training
To learn more about HealthPlex Rehabilitation Services, call 615-3058