Common "Bugs"......

Gram Neg.

E. Coli

H. Influenza



Gram Pos.

Group B Strep

Staph Aureus

Staph Epi



Although a virus:  Congenital Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) can be a significant—even lethal—cause of septic shock presenting immediately after birth


When the sepsis occurred can help to determine the etiology and what “bug” is most suspect



Generally neonatal sepsis is referred to as either Early Onset sepsis or Late Onset sepsis


Early Onset sepsis is a virulent multisystem illness
Usually associated with events surrounding pregnancy and delivery


Late Onset sepsis occurs after the 1st week of life and carries a high morbidity 
New research suggests late onset sepsis may be better defined as occurring 48 hours after birth
Late onset is also referred to as a nosocomial infection


Lets look at each of these individually...............


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