Kyle Powers

Hip Joint Resurfacing

Kyle Powers didn’t count on needing hip surgery when he was barely eligible to join AARP. The 51-year-old Fayetteville auto service and parts professional spends his days constantly walking up and down stairs, getting in and out of his chair and walking across the room. The daily toll made his knees ache as he wobbled from side-to-side to compensate.

X-rays showed no knee damage but did reveal tell-tale signs of bone-on-bone deterioration in both of his hip joints. Powers briefly considered hip replacement surgery for his left hip as the pain worsened, but he also wanted to maintain mobility because he’s an avid golfer.

Powers opted for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing instead. The less-invasive procedure removes the worn cartilage and damaged top layer of bone on top of the upper thigh bone and in the hip joint and replaces them with a new, low-wearing metal surface.

The surgery not only spared much of the original bone in Powers’ hip, it also had him back on the golf greens in no time.

“They told me I would still function at a high level of performance,” Powers says of his surgery. “That just sounded like the perfect option for me.”