Diane Marshall

Knee Replacement

Orthopedic surgeons have a saying: You know it’s time to come see me, when you can’t deal with the pain anymore. Diane Marshall’s time had come last summer.

The 56-year-old Elizabethtown retiree has had chronic knee pain in her left leg since 2007. Her knee pain forced her to give up gardening, her favorite hobby, because carrying around a chair to sit in while harvesting the land was just too much.

Marshall’s knee pain eventually grew so bad that she often chose just to stay in bed. That’s when she decided to have knee replacement surgery at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

Unlike her first knee replacement, Marshall underwent group physical therapy after surgery in Cape Fear Valley’s innovative Joint Replacement Club.

The physical therapy program not only allowed her to heal, but to also bond with other joint replacement patients who could truly share her pain.

Today, Marshall is once again doing the little things she had to give up due to knee pain, like going for quick walks or spending quiet time in her garden. She’s so pleased her with her surgery outcome that she has begun referring friends.

“I tell everybody.” Marshall says. “The secret is out.”