Charles Krupa
Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement

If anyone could be a spokesman for Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery, it would be Charles Krupa.

The cartilage in the Fayetteville retiree’s right shoulder was so damaged from rheumatoid arthritis that he could no longer lift his arm. Even worse, doctors told him traditional shoulder joint replacement surgery was not an option because of the arthritis’ severity.

The bleak outlook changed dramatically after Krupa underwent Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery, which helped him regain the mobility he lost in his shoulder so long ago.

The still relatively new procedure involves placing an artificial socket joint into the patient’s shoulder area in a reverse layout. Krupa’s operation went so well that he plans on having his other shoulder replaced, as well.

“It’s without comparison the best operation I’ve ever had to go through,” says Krupa, 68, “as far as no pain right out of surgery.”