Dougald Clark

Two Knee Replacements

Dougald Clark was always athletic and always on the go, but the years of physical activity eventually took a toll on his knees. The cartilage in them wore down so badly that his doctors eventually told him that he would need to have them replaced.

Most people would have opted to have two separate surgeries to lessen the pain, but not Clark. The retired Fayetteville judge dove into surgery, like he used to dive into the ocean while scuba diving.

“I figured if I did one, I probably wouldn’t go back and do the other,” says Clark, with a chuckle. “Besides, that would have meant two hospitalizations instead of one.”

The total knee replacement in his right leg and partial knee replacement in his left turned out so well that he was discharged from the hospital in less than a week.

He was walking normally again within two weeks and back lifting weights at HealthPlex a month after that.

His rehabilitative progress stunned everyone but Clark. He attributed his healing prowess to his skilled orthopedic surgeon and Cape Fear Valley’s Joint Replacement Surgery Program, which helped jumpstart his and countless others’ road to recovery.