As in the past, all students and instructors who participate in clinicals at Cape Fear Valley must complete an orientation to the facility. In an effort to make that process consistent between schools we have developed a web-based student orientation.

Students and instructors who are preparing for clinicals or internships can access the site by visiting , and click on Orientation at the bottom of the page. The site is password protected; the password is ‘1638owen’. The orientation consists of 2 modules-Abbreviated Hospital Orientation and Corporate Compliance. After viewing each individual module the end user can print the page that list each of the presentations in the module. It will read "You have successfully completed the..." This document is submitted to the school clinical instructor. The school is responsible for maintaining the hard copy of the print out.

The instructor should download the Clinical Student Forms and list the names of the students that will be attending clinical rotation and who have successfully completed the orientation modules. We must have all the information requested on the form. The instructor’s signature at the bottom will validate that each student, and the instructor, has completed the orientation requirements. The Student Information Sheet should be given to each student to complete and the student is required to bring this sheet with them when they come to HR. In addition, all students are required have a background check and drug test completed prior to the start of their clinical rotation.

The Clinical Student Forms must be hand-delivered, faxed or emailed in advance to HR when requesting ID badges. The instructor will call Human Resources at 615-6646 for an appointment and the students will accompany the instructor to HR at the appointed time to have picture ID badges made. An official picture ID such as a driver’s license is required as proof of identity when a badge is made. Human Resources is located at 1320 Medical Drive. Student to instructor ratio is 10:1 at most. An instructor must be listed for each 10 students on the Clinical Student Online Completion List. At the end of each semester’s clinical rotation, the student badges are to be returned to the instructor to be used throughout the student’s time in the program. There is a $20.00 fee for each lost badge. If you have nursing students/instructors that will be using the computer system for charting or giving medication, please contact Judith Peters at or 910-615-4979 to schedule the necessary training.

Professional students whose instructors do not actually attend their internship or clinical experience with them must bring their orientation completion certificates to their internal contact person here at Cape Fear Valley Health System. The internal contact person will complete the Clinical Student Online Completion List, then escort the student to/or contact Human Resources to obtain their student badge.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide a clinical experience for healthcare students. We hope that this web-based orientation will make the process simpler for students and instructors.

For Cape Fear Valley Health System Rotations
If you have any questions or problems with the site or its functions for Cape Fear Valley Health System, please contact Marcia Smith at or 910-615-7062.

For Bladen County Hospital Rotations
If you have any questions, contact Terri Duncan at or 910-862-1201. The instructor will bring the document to Human Resources at 608 Cypress Street, Elizabethtown, NC wherein the student badges will be given for clinical rotations.

To download the Clinical Rotation Schedule click here (Updated: 9/20/2013).
To request a change to the Clinical Rotation Schedule click here.