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Cape Fear Valley Residents Win Symposium Awards


FAYETTEVILLE – Cape Fear Valley Health Physician Residents were the big winners at Campbell University’s Second Annual Regional Research and Educational Symposium.

Eleven of Cape Fear Valley’s first- and second-year residents took home prizes in six of the nine awarded categories. The grand prize winners were Nicholas Biondi, D.O., Michael Samiratedu, D.O., and Adam Rosenblum, D.O. 

The second-year Internal Medicine residents worked together on The Impact of Interprofessional Monitoring and Education on the Usage of Systemic Glucocorticosteroids in Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Other winners included:

  • Scott Stockholm, D.O., for a presentation on Understanding Multiple Myeloma
  • Sanad Alshareef, D.O., for a presentation on A 45-year-old Female with Hepatobiliary Candidiasis
  • Melissa Wyche, D.O., and Krista Morgan, D.O., for a presentation on Unruptured Rudimentary Uterine Horn Pregnancy 
  • Beaulah Vaz, D.O., and Laura Adams, D.O., for a presentation on a 14-year-old Female Status Post Cholecystectomy
  • Mohammed Abdel-Rahim, D.O., for a presentation on Facial Droop; Keeping an Ear Out for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
  • Matthew Shakespeare, D.O., for a presentation on FSGS: A Case of End Stage Renal Disease in a Young Patient. 

There were more than 100 poster presentations during this year’s symposium.

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