If you live alone and have a concern about the possibility of a bad fall, an accident or illness, then Lifeline can make you feel more relaxed and secure. Lifeline gives you the confidence of knowing help is never out of reach.

Lifeline is a personal response system that links you to assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All at the push of a button.

How Does It Work?

A small, portable Personal Help Button is worn a hypo-allergenic cord around the neck or on a wrist strap.

If you need help, simply push the Personal Help Button and the Lifeline communicator is activated. It will automatically dial the Lifeline Response Center. Lifeline personnel will immediately attempt to make contact with you over a speakerphone that is built into the communicator. Lifeline will contact an ambulance if necessary or a nearby friend or relative that has been designated.

For additional information and for prices, call (910) 615-6112.

For information on Philips Lifeline, click here.

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