Foundation Grants

If you are interested in making an unrestricted donation to Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation to be used toward our grant funding please click here.

In order to enhance the level of care provided at Cape Fear Valley Health, the Foundation awards grant funds to various areas within Cape Fear Valley to fund worthwhile projects that may ordinarily miss out on being funded. The bi-annual grant program is funded by undesignated contributions made to the Foundation and funding is dependent upon the level of donations. Service areas within Cape Fear Valley are encouraged to apply for funding and the applications are approved by a committee of Cape Fear Valley Health Foundation’s Board of Directors. These community leaders review the applications and make approval decisions based on the funding available during the April and October grant cycle each year.

One of the largest grants approved by the Foundation was to provide LifeNet EKG transmission equipment for all emergency response vehicles in Cumberland County.

In 2013 the following projects, totaling over $51,000 were funded:
*Educational materials for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation patients
* Glucose monitoring equipment for diabetic patients
* Funding to provide a Child Maltreatment Coordinator position
*Diet Free Healthy Weight Series
* Improvements to the supply chain efficiency
*Computers for discharge assistance
* Ouchless Pediatric Emergency Department
* Fluid warmer for nephrology patients

In 2014 the following projects, totaling over $129,000 were funded :

* Funding for a program aimed at improving the quality of life for stroke patients
* A mobile patient lift for the Nephrology unit
* Ultrasound machines to improve the placement of IVs
* Furnishings for the Hospice Unit Family Room at Highsmith Rainey Specialty Hospital
* Patient Privacy Curtains in Rehabilitation
* A Tran-sit Car Transfer Simulator for rehabilitation patients
* Improvement to the visual acuity testing and treatment for rehabilitation patients
* A Forensic Camera System to use by the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner in the Emergency Department
* Recliners for Inpatient Rehabilitation Patients
* Improvements to the Physical and Occupational Therapy Patient Waiting Room at Bladen Hospital