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Paperless Pay

The Paperless Pay stub provides you with immediate access to current and previous pay stub information.

Get your Paperless Pay stub electronically by going online or you can have it sent to your personal email address or even as a text message. The choice is yours!

The Paperless Pay stub has all of your payroll deductions, including cafeteria, pharmacy and gift shop, as well as PTO balance, wages and withholdings - all in an easy-to-read format. You'll also see your before-tax deducations broken out.

The Paperless Pay stub provides you with immediate access to current and previous pay stub information.

Please go to the site to view your paystub.

  • Click on Employee Portal
  • Enter Username and Default Password (Case Sensitive - All CAPITAL Letters)

Username will be CFVH + (your 9 digit employee number using leading zeros - Ex. 00001234) + (first four initials of your first name).

Default Password will be CFVH001$.

Hint - You can find your 9 digit employee number in the top right hand corner of any of your prior check stubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If someone else knows my employee ID can they access my pay stub?

No. You need to have your employee ID and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to initially access. After the initial log in you create your own password.

Do I have to have an email account for Paperless Pay stubs?

No. You now have multiple options available to you. If you choose, your stub information can be emailed, but you can also receive it via text message or you can access it antime via the internet.

If I can log in from any computer how safe is

Every year Paperless Pay Corporation goes through a special certification called SAS70. You can find more information about what this certification means to you here:

I have Internet Explorer 9 and cannot access my pay stub. What do I do?

You will need to add to your Compatibility Viewing Settings.

Who can I call if I have questions?

You may contact Cape Fear Valley Payroll office at 910-615-4293 or 910-615-4830.

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