Cape Fear Valley Health System contracts with educational institutions to provide a site for clinical rotations and shadowing experiences.

Purpose:To enhance safe and effective patient care and to provide an educational experience for students.


  • Students/Individuals/Employees requesting observational experiences involving no hands-on care are required to function under a shadowing contract. They are required to sign a Job Observation Agreement that includes a confidentiality statement. Students are assigned to a specific employee to sponsor their experience. Contact the Volunteer Services Department for arranging shadowing contracts and for other student affiliation contracts.
  • Medical students assigned to CFVHS by educational institutions coordinate their clinical experience through the Medical Staff Office according to medical staff-defined procedures. A contract with the medical school is needed for the clinical experience. The individual student completes an application that includes their affiliation with the medical school.
  • Educational institutions assigning nursing students and other ancillary health care professionals at CFVHS for clinical rotations, observations or internships have a contract with CFVHS.
  • Employees are held to the same standards as other students. Employees do not clock in when doing clinical/shadowing activities.
  • Mentors must verify that contracts are in place before accepting students.
  • A college, university, technical school, or high school faculty member requesting a clinical experience for the entities’ students contacts the CFVHS Vice President, Service Line Director or Department Manager to arrange placement. A CFVHS contact for the school's program is then assigned.
  • CFVHS contact verifies that a current agreement/contract exists or arranges for the execution of an agreement/contract between the school and CFVHS, which includes but is not limited to the following:
    • The responsibilities of the school, including student health requirements.
    • The responsibilities of CFVHS.
    • The responsibilities of the student.
    • Provision for liability insurance by the school or the student with prescribed minimum levels of coverage.
    • A mutual indemnity clause.
    • Infection control requirements.
    • Agreement to comply with applicable regulatory requirements including The Joint Commission and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • CFVHS has standard student affiliation contracts. If a school requests a change in the agreement/contract, contact the Human Resources (HR) Department. HR routes requested changes through Corporate Risk Management, Corporate Compliance, legal counsel, or other resource, as appropriate.
  • Once approved, the contract is forwarded to the Chief Operating Officer for signature.
  • The students and faculty members have an orientation prior to the beginning of the rotation. Student orientation includes training regarding CFVHS’s policies and procedures, including those related to HIPAA. The contact person arranges this training. Students and faculty members attend hospital orientation or complete the on-line orientation found on CFVHS’s website.
  • During the educational experience, students and faculty wear CFVHS issued student/faculty identification badges while on any CFVHS site.
  • The process for issuance of student/faculty identification badges are:
    • Badges are made and numbered in the HR Department.
    • The school faculty member or CFVHS employee contact verifies the student has completed orientation by maintaining a file with the student’s orientation completion certificates.
    • The HR designee issues the badge(s) to the school faculty member or to the internal employee contact.
    • A receipt is signed by the faculty member or internal employee contact and kept on file in HR.
    • School faculty member or CFVHS employee contact returns badge(s) to HR at the end of the academic period.
    • The school or CFVHS employee contact informs HR of the badge numbers that are not accounted for at the end of the academic period.
    • The numbers of the missing badges are deleted. HR then notifies Security that a badge number has been deleted.
    • Use of a badge with a deleted number is not allowed within CFVHS.
  • Students/faculty without a badge may not provide care for patients or have access to patient information or other CFVHS information.
  • The CFVHS contact may schedule the student’s time in the clinical area after the student has completed orientation and received a student identification badge.
  • Students are not to photocopy any part of a patient’s medical record, other patient information, or CFVHS business records.

For more information, contact Nyoka Jones at 910-615-5816

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